British Kendo Association (BKA) Membership

* It is mandatory that all members join the BKA. This is for insurance purposes

Please check the BKA website for more detailed and up-to-date membership information.


Edinburgh Kendo Club Membership

* All members will pay a monthly fee: Seniors = £30, Students = £20
* All membership fees are paid at the start of the month by direct debit to our bank account details (please get in touch with us to find out the information or you can pay into our paypal account which is

* The treasurer will report on the clubs finances
* No one will be stopped from practicing due to financial difficulties at the dojo leader’s discretion

What does membership get me?

* Two classes in Edinburgh a week, plus an open invite to practise at affiliate dojo [especially once in armour]
* Conscientious Instruction
* The privilege to wear the Edinburgh Zekken and participate as a member of the club at competitions
* The Dojo Leader will pro-actively attract high-quality guest instructors from other clubs, plus members of the National Squad to Edinburgh
* Ability to join in on local demonstrations
* Knowledge that you are helping to not only further your kendo ability, but are helping to develop kendo in Scotland by practicing in and contributing to the club


Edinburgh Kendo Club Membership Fees

Beginner’s course costs

Beginner initial price: £55 for a 5 weeks course thereafter you’ll have to pay a monthly fee of £30 if you are a senior (18+) or £20 if you are a full time student.

Please have a look at the beginners class page.

Complete your Edinburgh membership form with this online form.

Kids Class fee

Please have a look at the kids club page for more info. Kids classes (Under 18yrs old) operate year round. Complete your Edinburgh membership form with this online form.

Family pack *new addition*

Family pricing is £30 per month per adult with first child free (you just need to pay for the BKA insurance) and any other children after that is £5 per month.