Kids club

The kid’s club runs year round – all are welcome. 

Edinburgh Kendo Kids Club

Grading success – May 2010

Kendo is a Japanese martial art that is enjoyed by millions of people of all-ages worldwide. In Japan alone there are something like 5 million children (starting from 6yrs) that participate in kendo practise.

Kendo gives children a good physical workout, gets their mind focused, and teaches discipline. Of-course, it is fun too!

If you are interested in having your child join our class or have any further questions then please email us.


Currently, under-18 sessions will take place at the Merchiston Community Club on Fridays 18:30 – 20:00.


Children must be able to follow basic instructions and have sufficient self-control to listen to the teacher to join the kids class. Most kids at 6-9 years old should be able to join the sessions.


£15 pounds per month per child unless you are taking advantage of our family bonus pricing (more info at the bottom of the page).

British Kendo Association Junior Kendo membership is £15 per year (required for insurance purposes). There is an option of a temporary membership for 3 months at £10.

Register at:


You must buy a shinai (bamboo sword) for your child and bring it with you or you can buy one from us for £25. To do this please email us or send us a message on our Facebook page prior to coming to class so that we may bring the shinai to the practise for your child to use.

The size used varies on gender and age: up to 12yrs = size 34, 12-14yrs = size 36, women = size 38, and men=size 39. These sizes are approximate.

Your child should just wear a t-shirt and track-suit trousers. Please make sure the trousers are not too long that they drag on the floor. Kendo is practiced in bare foot.

Please also make sure that you bring some water or other kind of rehydration.


Please get in touch with by either emailing us or sending us a message on our Facebook page prior to coming to class.

NEW! Parents’ participation

As a parent, if you are interested in participating during the same time as the children’s 1.5 hour practice, you can join but you will need to pay the initial beginner’s membership fee of £55. This will pay for a 5 week course along with the shinai and carry bag. More information can be found on our beginners page.

After the 5 weeks membership is over, you will need to pay a monthly fee of £30 and be a member of the BKA (British Kendo Association). Please note, we have family pricing, where the first child of each full EKC member (or enrolled in the beginner’s course) goes free, and any other sibling at only £7.50 pcm.

Alternatively for each under-18 paying a full fee, every other sibling also goes half-price (£7.50 pcm).

Any payments relating to BKA membership remain the same.