Fond memories and a fond farewell

 It was many years ago this fellow came to stay in Edinburgh to study for a degree. Many years on, he is now ready to leave and return home to Korea.

Mr Park will be missed.


Edinburgh Kendo Club wish him the very best of luck in the next step of his journey and look forward to the day he crosses our doorstep again.


Irish Kendo Federation President visits Edinburgh

Jason Clouston, current Irish Kendo Federation President from Cork, Ireland dropped into the Dojo for Keiko whilst on a flying visit to Edinburgh for 3 days.

 Although the session din’t have many members in attendance that evening, Kendoka present had a lot of fun learning waza and trying, in the latter parts of the evening, to hit Men on Jason. This is a hard task as he stands over 6′ 3″ tall.

It was a pleasure to see Jason partake in Kendo with us and we thank him for taking the time out to drop by. Welcome back anytime Jason.

Honda Sensei visits Edinburgh

Edinburgh Kendo Club has had the pleasure to recieve Honda sensei (6th Dan) whilst he was in the UK for a few days.

Honda sensei visit (Yugenkai)

It is always an immense pleasure viewing first hand the grace and dignity of his Kendo.

Members came from most Scottish Dojo for his visit and as a result, EKC Dojo was packed with over 40 Kendoka.

Honda sensei delivered new ideas and some old ‘classics’ in the first hour for all to get to grips with. Whilst Jigeiko completed the next hour seeing a very sweaty, noisey, fun filled Dojo and many happy smiles afterwards.

We welcome Honda sensei back with open hearts.

Pictured left is Honda sensei with members of Yugenkai, Edinburgh Kendo Club and St Andrews Kendo Club from the sneaky Sunday session.

Transient Kendoka

I’m sure Edinburgh Kendo Club is the same as other Kendo clubs in the UK, in the fact that we get requests from visitors to the city to come and do Kendo during their stay. It’s always a pleasure to receive these guests for the time they are in Edinburgh.

We were fortunate enough to have a female Kendoka from Japan train with us for a few months. Natsuna Matsushita, Sandan, played a part in everyone’s growth whilst she trained with us for as you would expect, Japanese Kendoka are slightly ‘different’ to us with regards to timing & quickness amongst other things.

 Anyhow, Natsuna has come and gone but the memroies of doing Keiko with her are still vivid for us all. As are memories of others that have turned up for a few sessions and then disappeared home or onwards to others countries over the years. Personally, I’d like to say thanks to you all that have ‘popped’ in to Edinburgh Kendo Club. The pleasure has been ours!

In the words of our recent visitor “I believe that as long as we keep practice,we have a chance to meet again.”